If there's a chance you've enjoyed your visit to this website and want to pledge your support to its ongoing development, and the wellbeing of its creator, then feel free to reach out in any of the following ways.

Please be aware, I have a reasonably paid full-time job and am able to cover the minimal costs of this hobby website, so it's not something I'm in dire need of. If you can spend your time/money elsewhere, I would recommend it.

If you do not behoove this advice, I assure you I will do my best to make sure any support you provide to me has not been a waste of your time.

🐛 Features and Bugs

Found something broken? Desperately seeking something that's not here? Until such a time as I expose the Github repository behind this site to the world, the best thing to do is reach out to me by email at Provide as much or as little information as you think will be helpful, and I'll see what I can do to smash that bug and enhance this little hobby site.

👾 Twitch

My streaming schedule is somewhat irregular, but I've gotten quite fond of spending time playing games over at Twitch. The biggest support you can give me there is by following my channel, watching me stream (whenever I get off my arse and do it) and joining in the chat.

Ages ago, I also set up a donations page on streamelements, but no-one's ever tried using it before so I have no idea if it works 🤷‍♂️

👕 Merch

Over at my Redbubble storefront, I've been slowly adding pictures of my cats and other random things. Initially, the reason I did this was so I could purchase a set of cushions for my mum with each of the cats on, but the fact that you can slap a design on 60ish products with no hassle really makes it interesting.

If you see me posting pictures of anything that you think would make a good sticker/phone case/tshirt/mousepad design then please let me know!

☕️ Coffee-adjacent websites

I can't promise I'll spend the money on actual coffee (I'm more of a tea lad myself) but if you're feeling generous I have a page over at buymeacoffee, and also one at the similarly named and themed ko-fi, both of which will let you support me with small currency donations intended for (but not exclusive to) the purchase of temperate beverages.

💰 Paypal

Not much to say about this one really, if you want to chuck some money at my paypal account, have at it.

🔐 Crypto

If you use the Brave browser and have set up the wallet system there, you can donate your BAT directly to my site (I think) by clicking the little triangle icon in the url bar. Could be mistaken, as I've never used this before.

Also, I have a bitcoin wallet - 1HGypQe2TNkCjyoW1WwMsMnnMKXzFBLp1j - but like the brave tokens, I've not really used this much so can't attest to wether it will receive any incoming values.

To save typing it in by hand, here's a QR code...

bitcoin wallet QR code

🎴 Patreon

I have an account there to support other creators, but it's been inactive for a while (money got pretty tight during the covid lockdowns). If I ever decide to up my game and release a podcast, or some other form of interesting and regular content here, I'll update this section.

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