SimCopter is an underrated game from the 90's where you fly a helicopter around Sim City and help people get out of traffic jams, put out fires and other such activities. It's not easily playable on a modern PC, unless you know about SimCopterX, an absolute god-send.


Fire teargasM
Rotate leftLeft Arrow
Rotate rightRight Arrow
Move forwardUp Arrow, X
Move backwardDown Arrow, Z
Slight rightS
Slight leftA
Increase altitude+, Q
Decrease altitude-, W
Lower bucketV
Raise bucketC
Release bucketB
Lower harnessG
Raise harnessF
Water cannonSpacebar
Slide modifierunassigned
Change viewT
Dispatch fire truckF2
Dispatch ambulanceF3
Dispatch police to spotlightF4
Dispatch police to helicopterF5
Enter/Exit helicopterE
Map Zoom In=
Map Zoom Out-
View previous missionH
View next missionN
Cycle chase viewsR
Camera InI
Camera OutK
Camera UpJ
Camera DownL
Camera Tilt UpO
Camera Tilt DownP
Report traffic (Megaphone)F6
Stop Criminal (Megaphone)F7
Evacuate (Megaphone)F8
Disperse (Megaphone)F9
Greet (Megaphone)F10
Help (Megaphone)F1
Drop Carried PersonD
Spotlight UpCTRL-1
Spotlight DownCTRL-2
Spotlight LeftCTRL-3
Spotlight RightCTRL-4
Warp to HangarCTRL-H
Move Fog NearCTRL-K
Move Fog FarCTRL-L
Toggle Object TextureCTRL-O
Toggle Ground TextureCTRL-G
Toggle Day/NightCTRL-D
Cycle Low/High ResolutionCTRL-Q
Toggle Helicopter Panel DisplayCTRL-P
Toggle Sky DisplayCTRL-S
Toggle Equipment DisplayCTRL-E
Show All Keyboard ShortcutsCTRL-I
Toggle Application PriorityCTRL-Alt-R
Toggle Full-Screen modeAlt-Enter
Game Settings/Exit GameEsc
Helicopter CheckupCTRL-C
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