Newt and Boo with the Aldi Novelty Cat Scratcher

Posted on 17th October 2021

I picked up this little cardboard skateboard toy for the cats to see if they'd enjoy it. So far only Newt and Boo, our British Shorthair cats, have shown any interest in it. It's basically 98% cardboard, 1% plastic ball (embedded in a groove in the cardboard) and 1% sachet of catnip, which I have sprinkled only a tiny bit of.

It was fairly priced, at just £6.99, but it was the last one in store, so I'm guessing the promotion is ending soon. Next time, I'll keep an eye out for the GameBoy themed one, maybe the other two girls will prefer that over the skateboard.

Not shown, is the cool design on the bottom of the board. Maybe if I remember later I will take a photo and update this post.

Product advertisement for novelty cat scratchers


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