Video background experiment

Posted on 17th February 2020

Small one today, felt like having a quick win. One of the things I have yet to do on this Gatsby site is any sort of video, other than YouTube embedding. At some point I will probably want to have some decorative videos or possible interactive ones, so I figured I would play around with making a little React component.

Right now it's just a simple div using css grid to put the video and an overlay in the same space (no more position absolute 🙌), but I added a couple of buttons to control the video attributes, which are tied into React's useState hook. I'll probably tweak this more later when I use it for something, but for now if you want to mess around with it, head over to my experiments page.

Here's a picture of what it looks like...

A screenshot of my video background experiment

For attributions sake, the video source is the (in)famous "Yee", now at almost 74 million views!

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