Posted on 22nd February 2020

One of the examples that always seems to comes up when I'm looking for JavaScript/React learning material is tutorials about remaking the classic noughts and crosses game everyone knows and loves. Except in the examples they always call it tic-tac-toe which is a stupid name if you ask me.

I decided to take a shot at making it myself, without following along with any tutorials - a bit risky, but I knew I could always fall back on the official React tutorial if I got stuck. To bring the game up to date with modern parlance I've replaced the X's and O's with the "clap" and "poop" emojis. I used styled components and the React useState hook for this one.

If you want to play it right now you can head over to my experiments page - don't play it by yourself though, it's a lot easier to win that way. If you think you're not that bothered about playing, here's a screenshot showing you what you're missing out on - GOTY 2020 for sure!

An example of the tictactoe game

There's too much code to paste it all in here, but in future I will extract this (and all other) experiments into their own github repos so I can more easily share them. For now, as always, if you spot any issues with this experiment, feel free to let me know.

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