Some small additions

Posted on 5th January 2020

For day 5 of #100DaysOfGatsby, I decided to implement a couple of the easy things in my massive Trello to-do list.

When you start watching tutorial videos like those by Andrew Mead it can get a little bit hard to keep up with everything unless you're constantly pausing the video and updating your code while he talks.

Keeping a well stocked Trello board is my response to the overwhelming urge to bury yourself in tasks - if I write them down I can ignore them until they either become necessary or I have sufficient time 😁

So, what's new around here?

That's it for now. While making these changes I found more things to add to my list, each card so far seems to be like a hydras head, but at least it's all stuff to keep me busy for the next 95 days!

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