Small Additions

Posted on 11th February 2020

Not much to talk about today, been fairly bogged down with React stuff at work so all I want to do tonight is relax, but at the same time I don't want to lapse when we're almost halfway through 100 Days of Gatsby! I've picked a couple of low hanging fruit off my trello board and updated the site accordingly.

Visitor Counter

First thing, in an effort to rekindle that web 1.0 spark that drove me to make my old Geocities page, I've added a visitor counter to the footer. This comes courtesy of a great React plugin by Josh Comeau.

Scroll down to the site footer and take a look for yourself. Oh there is one caveat - the data is not real, I haven't got any sort of analytics set up on this site yet, so all it does is randomly pick a number on page load. If you have any suggestions for better numbers, then let me know.

Twitch Embeds

In the past I have added plugins to enhance the abilities of gatsby-transformer-remark for Spotify and YouTube, well today I added one that will allow me to embed videos and channels simply by pasting the url in my markdown.

This comes courtesy of a package I found on the official Gatsby plugin browser, if you want to use it here is the link -

Check it out in action below.

And yes, this is my channel, I made it mainly to follow other gamers, but I might pop on occasionally now I have my head around how to set up the software for streaming. Once #100DaysOfGatsby is over it's possible I'll set my sights on a new task, like #100DaysOfStreaming, to help smash my backlog, so watch this space if you're into quaint old RPG's, Dynasty Warriors and Match-3 puzzle games.

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