RSS tweaks

Posted on 17th January 2020

I added an image to my RSS feed that will hopefully show up for people using Feedly or the like. I just need to start adding "featured" images to every post now, or at least having some kind of default image to pass, as some of these readers have a nice card view, and no-one wants to look at a boring grey box.

Also on the laundry list of things for the site was the notion of theming, at the very simplest I wanted to add a dark/light mode toggle button. I've been learning a little about React redux/context at work so will probably delve down that route and make myself a nice component, unless I find a plugin in the Gatsby library that manages it for me.

For now, I've just created some extra rules in a media query in my global styles that will change how the site looks for anyone whose browser passes the prefers-color-scheme: dark query to the page. If you want to switch modes you'll need to do it at a browser or o/s level.

The night man cometh

Hopefully your eyes will appreciate it, but if you spot any 🐛🐛🐛 please let me know!

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