Minor Enhancements

Posted on 11th January 2020

I skipped day 10 of the #100DaysOfGatsby challenge yesterday, partly because I already have a hosting/deployment process for this site, and partly because I'd had a long day at work and felt it was better for my emotional state to spend some time relaxing.

I ended up watching a horror film that creeped me out, and started the third season of a comedy show that continues to tickle me in the right places. I'll write more about these in my monthly round-up post, but for now it's back to working on this site!

Things I have done to the website today

  • Added an XML sitemap using gatsby-plugin-sitemap
  • Added a viewable sitemap page that lists all pages and posts on the site
  • Updated the 404 page
    • Added a link to the sitemap page to help get people where they want to go
    • Added a special boy to bring good fortune to page visitors
  • Updated the image component I was using to be dynamic based on page query
  • Made some static image components for easy re-use
  • Added some very rudimentary styles for code inside <code> blocks
  • Changed from using gatsby-remark-images to gatsby-remark-copy-linked-files so that I could animated gifs to my markdown posts

Like the title of this post suggests, they're all minor improvements but I'm happy with the pace this has been going. The gif thing is especially a game changer 😎

Axel Foley gives the OK sign

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