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Posted on 3rd January 2020

I experienced some issues setting up my pc/mac for working on the #100DaysOfGatsby project, so in an attempt to aid my future self (should I decide to start from scratch again) here they are summarised with their solutions.

Problem 1 - VS Code and Github

When cloning my new empty repository I was prompted to provide my GitHub username and password. Despite copying them directly from my password manager, I kept getting this error...

remote: Invalid username or password.

A stack overflow reply gave me the solution - create a personal access token on GitHub and then enter that instead of your password when prompted instead of the normal account password. Thank you Oliver šŸ‘.

Problem 2 - Clearing the VS Code terminal

This one was easy, but I am forgetful so I'm leaving it in.

On Mac you hit CMD+K, but on Windows CTRL+K was doing nothing for me. As I found on their documentation the keyboard shortcuts are easily changed in VS Code, so although it was annoying, it didn't hold me up for too long.

Problem 3 - Running the "gatsby new" command in an existing folder

Cloning my repo meant I had a folder ready to work in, but running the command gatsby new . in the terminal kept giving me an error because the destination path already existed and was not empty (all it had was the hidden git files and a readme markdown).

I couldn't find a good solution for this, so resorted to running the command in a new empty folder, then once it had finished creating the Gatsby files, I just dragged and dropped them into my repo folder.

Problem 4 - Unauthorised access for Gatsby develop command

This happened in my PC, running gatsby develop was giving me a big red error about Microsoft Execution Policies. A stack overflow reply sorted me out for this one - just had to tweak a couple of things in Powershell to get everything permitted, then once done I could run the command with no problems.

Problem 5 - Inline images in Markdown files

This wasn't really a problem per se, more a case of RTFM. Luckily the Gatsby docs are pretty good at explaining how to get an inline image working in your markdown files.

Here's an example of how I used it in my first post, and this one too (see below).

![100 days of Gatsby challenge logo](../images/100-days-of-gatsby.png "100 Days of Gatsby")

100 days of Gatsby challenge logo

That's all for now, thanks for reading and I hope I helped future me šŸ™

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