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Draft posts and Gatsby

Posted on 4th January 2020


Out of the box, Gatsby doesn't offer any kind of draft post support, but if you're using markdown files and a transformer to make your blogs posts and like me, find yourself wanting to work on a post over a couple of days, rather than having a special folder outside of your src directory (or wherever it is you've configured gatsby-source-filesystem you might want to instead setup the ability to use a "draft" or "published" attribute in your front-matter.

I couldn't find anything in the gatsby docs, but there were plenty of google results with varying solutions. The one I ended up implementing was this one from Geekscred.

The tutorial was simple enough to follow along, and it helped me understand a little bit more graphql, so that's a bonus. The only part I didn't implement was the bit about RSS feeds, as I haven't configured my site to do this yet (sorry SEO land). That's just one more thing on the #100DaysOfGatsby to-do list.

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