Gatsby Challenge 5

Posted on 30th January 2020

A stock image of a person standing on top of a rock formation

The latest challenge from Gatsby HQ has landed - integrate MDX files into your Gatsby site. After installing the ESLint plugin and it having me convert all my js component files into JSX, I was wondering when something similar might come in for Markdown.

Without wanting to wreck everything the night before a very hectic Friday, instead I opted to make a standalone testing page so I can try and implement MDX in isolation. It worked pretty well and I'm excited to see what shortcode components I'll develop for the site over the coming weeks.

So far, all ~30ish posts I've made for the site are using normal markdown files, so if I decide to change those to using MDX (which might be better due to the component importing and the ability to make my own shortcodes) then I will add another update when I do.

There's not much bespoke code to share here, mostly everything resembles that in the official Gatsby MDX documentation, so if you're up for the challenge too, make sure to head over there -

🙏 Special Thanks

Kudos for the photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash, keep up the great work!

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