Game complete #5

Posted on 3rd February 2020

A screenshot from the closing cinematics of Halo Reach

Halo Reach is one of my favourite games from the Xbox 360 generation, so when it was announced to be re-released as DLC for the already epic Master Chief Collection it was obvious I would have to pick it up and play again, even if it cost me a few quid (it did, £6.99 to be exact).

Some of the things I like about it are:

  • No Chief or Cortana, instead we have a more diverse main character roster for the dialogue to flow between.
  • There's no Flood, just Brutes and Elites. I hate the Flood enemies, they're gross, they jump around too much and the noise they make is unsettling.
  • Epic space battle where you get to fly a ship and dogfight the enemy. It's only a segment of one level, but Long Night of Solace is probably my favourite mission in the series in part because of this.
  • Nathan Fillion.
  • The hero(es) die by the end.
  • It ends at the beginning (or starts at the end, depending on your perspective). The "book-ends" trope in movies is one of my favourites, so I love that it's part of this game.

I had intended to have Sekiro as my 5th game to complete this year, but I'm having all sorts of motion sickness issues with it. As I've been working at keeping my True Achievements streak going by doing one mission a day on Halo Reach, it was only inevitable I finished it first. Oh well, another one off the backlog is never a bad thing!

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