Game complete #2

Posted on 18th January 2020

Another game completed, this one is Glass Masquerade from Onyx Lute, a developer I had heard nothing about before but am definitely a huge fan of now.

It's a puzzle game where you assemble a stained glass image on a art-deco clock, and each of the 25 levels are themed on countries of the world. At the beginning of each level you get a couple of pieces with hints on where to put them, then it's up to you to connect the remaining ones in your own time.

It's not the usual type of game I go for, but the art deco imagery did inspire some curiousity in me and it turned out to be well worth the purchase. As well as some nice relaxing puzzles, the soundtrack by Nikita Sevalnev is sublime and it proved to be the perfect way to relax after a hard day at the office for sure.

I picked the game up on the Xbox One, but it's also pretty widely available - on PC, Switch, PS4 and Android. It gets a hearty recommendation from me, I even took my time with it, only doing one or two puzzles a day so I didn't wear out the experience too fast!

Now I just have to hope Onyx Lute will port the sequel to Xbox as well 🙏

Glass Masquerade final achievement

Glass Masquerade gameplay

Glass Masquerade credits

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