A very Giphy experiment

Posted on 8th February 2020

A gif from the movie Ghost in the Shell

One of the todo's on my enormous Trello board of never-ending anxiety was to try and integrate this site in some way with the Giphy API.

As a child in the 90's, gifs were a formative part of the internet boom and my love of the web. Years later, in the workplace environment, I used the Giphy extension in Slack for the first time and fell in love with gifs all over again.

Having a the power to summon an animated image from the depths of the internet at the drop of a hat no longer requires an exhaustive list of bookmarks, and for your conveninence dear reader, I present to you my latest experiment - a giphy-fuelled widget to provide you with a random gif at the click of a button!

A screenshot of my new Giphy experiment

I have chosen three of my favourite gif topics, and on the press of a button the experiment uses axios to call the Giphy API random endpoint to retrieve an image for you that is hopefully relevant to the topic. There's a search endpoint as well, so I might add that in future, but for now these three should suffice.

There's a few things I need to consider for experiments like these in future - protecting my api key is kind of impossible due to the way I've written this experiment, I have read somewhere that using Netlify can help, so I'm going to consider this going forward (this might help me with my deployment process too).

For now though, thanks for reading and fare thee well!

A gif of the word "bye"

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