Bank Holiday weekend

Posted on 12th April 2007

Is it just me or does a Bank Holiday weekend really mess things up?!

I have been fairly busy since my last post, working hard in my day/night job, but also trying to find new employment. In addition to that I have been making some time to see friends. The Bank Holiday weekend was perfect for this.

I went out for meals, went out for drinks, went out for drives, even went out for a bonfire!

All this time away from home means that very little learning got done. Saying that though, I spent a relaxing Sunday morning in front of the telly, set aside the MySQL/PHP/Apache for this week, and concentrated on making my personal site from a HTML frame based page, to one that runs on stylesheets instead. This went very well, I thought.

There are some new pics on my personal site, and some new pics on my DeviantArt page, so check them out.

Oh, and I made my very first video! Multimedia expert in the making.... lol

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